Pandora beads on sale special submarine that is capable of
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Avatar sequel moves deep into Cheap Pandora Bracelets Sale pandora's depths

There is already buzz related to the"The movie avatar"Follow up, and growth hasn't even really started yet.James cameron has big plans for the following film in the franchise.The second out of a trilogy of films that can take movie fans to pandora again.Based on screen crave, he is commissioning a special sub to take him deep into earth's ocean to film footage for the film.As pro scuba diver, marriage ceremony new territory for him.Your truth is, he is traveled down into the ocean's depths before must film 1997's"Rms titanic ship, all the same, today out, he has a Pandora beads on sale special submarine that is capable of diving much beyond current commercial subs that can only dive a half mile down.That desired destination is seven miles down!He normally takes the same journey as ocean explorers explorers jacques piccard and don walsh.They reached that depth fifty common, and no one has managed to accomplish this since.Cbs news had this to say about that long ago journey that learned that life can live that far down in the ocean: "At these pressures your bodys many air filled cavities would implode.Naturally there is, magically, life span.Piccard and furthermore walsh, peering through their tiny porthole and playing the trieste's external electric lamps onto the seabed through the extra ordinary water, saw several pets, regarding a flounder like flatfish and some shrimps"That's the spot where james cameron wants to take his own journey.No word on how this footage will be worked into the film and tied into the planned cgi toon, but james cameron will see a way.He already is performing something only two men before him have ever done.A source said in this article about his planned dive:Cameron will dive to the same location piccard and walsh did, known as opposition deep, located at the south end of the mariana trench.At seven points down, its lower than mt.With luck, all goes well with the planned dive and james cameron gets what he wants.Avatar 2 will hit playhouses in late 2012.Go here for the latest in pastime news and gossip.

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