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Malik opens pandora's box that ppp kept sealed for five years

Islamabad:Top ppp leader senator rehman malik's outburst against the sharifs on monday was part of the election propaganda as it was the ppp government that never initiated any procedures against the sharif brothers either in the alleged money laundering or pandora charms elephant corruption cases or the asghar khan case.

Malik, who had faced embarrassment in the top court of pakistan in the dual nationality case, made several allegations against the sharifs and submit many documents but failed to clarify as to why the ppp government failed to reopen these cases during its five year term.

He also did not explain as to why the ppp candidates did not object to the nomination papers of pml n leaders on such basis as Uk cheap pandora beads the evidence that was available with the ppp leadership.

Malik is likely to face awkwardness again as he had better uphold the truth but on Cheap Pandora Bracelets Sale monday he suggested that the shahbaz sharif government was running on an sc stay order, which is not a fact and had been denied by the apex court.

The press conference was apparently a belated attempt by the ppp to show some activity alalthough ppp government refrained from reopening all these alleged corruption cases during its five year tenure for obvious political reasons.

A top presidential help, who was simply also the federal law minister, had told the news that president zardari had exclusively ordered not to reopen the pending alleged corruption and money laundering cases against nawaz sharif and shahbaz sharif.Additionally, despite the clearest top court orders in the asghar khan case, the ppp government did not initiate brought on against the sharifs for allegedly receiving huge amounts of money from the isi.

On sunday, rehman malik's focus was the money washing case against nawaz and shahbaz, which is pending before the nab besides the most popular other cases, research and inquiries.

It was clear that rehman malik was performing an election stunt as he had this evidence with him since long but his government never pressed these cases and the nab did not under government entities orders reopen any case.

The news had frequently reported that the nab was not pursuing the cases against the sharifs and when a questionnaire was filed in an accountability court back in 2009 for reopening these cases against the sharifs, the your willingness court sought the opinion of chairman nab, that was mandatory.The chairman nab never gave his opinion because of strict taxpayer orders not to do so.

The ppp government faced pressure even from within the party to initiate inspections in the light of sc judgment in the asghar khan case involving some retired army generals and top politicians including nawaz and shahbaz.Although, the ppp leaders remained silent and never begun this probe.It is considered that the ppp government surrendered after a speech by coas general ashfaq parvez kayani giving an indirect message not to proceed against ex army men.

Rehman malik, while presenting evidence in connection with the money laundering cases against the sharifs, said that he will quit politics if he failed to prove his allegations by his evidence.Malik asserted that if he is a liar, nawaz shairf should take him to legal court.He added that as his studies is strong, so nawaz sharif should never dare to take him to the court.

Rehman malik also repeated an old allegation that the punjab administration completed its five year term on a stay order.When the same allegation was repeatedly being leveled by the prior ppp government ministers and ppp leaders, the supreme court had taken up the issue and had ordered that any person having any evidence on this count should come forward and present to the apex court judgment in which any stay order was granted based on which the punjab government was continuing.

In spite of this, the ppp government again remained silent and never contested this case in court and thus the top court declared that there was no such stay order.

Had the ppp fed initiated these probes, research and reopened all these closed cases against the sharifs, the issues may have been settled by now.If the sharifs might been guilty, they are often sentenced.Unfortunately, the ppp government avoided reopening these cases and grew the pti chief imran khan's allegation that both the two major political parties have a nexus and an unholy alliance and will never open corruption cases against one another.

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