On sale pandora bracelet years had just broken up with me
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Why i started blogging

I have been blogging now for three years.I really enjoy it.I love to write and get my thoughts out there.I love it when people comment back because i know they are reading it.

I started blogging during a hard point in my life.My boyfriend of three On sale pandora bracelet years had just broken up with me.It was hard to take.I knew we were having issues but i never thought he was ready to break up.

I decided to start a blog just to have a place to write about what i was feeling.I never thought it would gain a lot of readers or even make me money.I would usually blog once a week to start.

The more i poured out my heart, the more people started to read it and comment.I heard from a lot of people that they had gone through the same thing.I got a lot of encouragement.

Before long i was writing guest posts and making money from sponsors.It was great.I am about to go to my first blogging conference.I am a little nervous about it but very excited.

I hope i can keep blogging and grow retired pandora rings to earn a full-Time income.Right now i work for an advertising agency but would love to be able to quit my job and just be a blogger.It would be like a dream come true for me.

A lot of people ask me why i started blogging and what i like about it.I usually tell them that i started blogging to begin the healing process but i enjoy blogging because it helps me meet other people.It helps them realize they are not alone.

From blogging i have been able to meet so many other bloggers who have gone through what i have.One of my friends had been with her boyfriend for six years.I can't even imagine that.She thought they were going to get married.

I really believe writing things out is the best way to heal when you Cheap Pandora Charms UK go through something like a breakup.You can really get your feelings out and it makes you feel better.I know it works that way for me.

These days i spend a lot of time on it.I try to write 3-4 posts a week.Sometimes it is a lot of work.I want to keep at it because i really think i am helping people.If i just stopped blogging people would notice.

Sometimes i like to go to the library and write.Other times i just do it at home.I go where i feel i will be able to write.That is different depending on my mood.

If i had not started my blog i would have just written in my journal.I would have been able to heal but i would not have had the encouragement of others.That is why i am so thankful i started the blog.

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